Exclusive made furniture,
inspired by the aruban coast.

Exclusive made furniture,
inspired by the aruban coast.

We design and handcraft high-quality, custom-made
furniture in our Aruba based workshop. Choose from
the design collection in our showroom, or go for an
exclusive custom design solution for your environment.


We design and handcraft high-quality, custom-made furniture in our Aruba based workshop.

Choose from the design collection in our showroom, or go for an exclusive custom design solution for your environment. We deliver to those who seek for quality beyond measure – homeowners who desire luxury, restaurants, and bars that choose for unique charm, and businesses that dare to stand out. 

Join us in riding the waves of high-quality craftsmanship at Coastal Crafters Aruba.

Our Cases

Where Dining Meets Design

At Coastal Crafters Aruba, we create more than just high-quality, custom-made furniture. We’re also dedicated to crafting unforgettable dining experiences, and our Cases Section showcases our commitment to quality.

Discover specially designed bar areas, doors, and wine storage solutions that elevate restaurants to new heights. We understand the importance of both style and practicality, ensuring that every piece we create enhances the dining experience.

At coastal crafters, we only use
high quality, premium materials

From tropical hardwood to European sourced woods.


We are Coastal Crafters, established in Aruba since 2021


Originally from the Netherlands, I pursued a career in electrical and plumbing studies. In 2018, my wife Ilona and I relocated to Aruba with the initial plan to stay for a year. During this period, I immersed myself in the role of a kitesurfing instructor, spending a significant amount of time on the beach. However, our love for the Caribbean lifestyle led us to extend our stay beyond the initially planned year.

From there the search to be creative and to build beautiful furniture began. It was tough finding exactly what I wanted on Aruba, so I slowly started up my own company, and later, by joining our strengths with mark, we grew into what "coastal crafters" is today.

My main motivation remains rooted in the pursuit of creativity using unique natural materials. Alongside this professional journey, my personal life has been enriched with the joy of raising two daughters, all while enjoying the Aruban life to the fullest.


Meet Mark, the creative and visionary partner who knows how to turn ideas into reality! With a passion for product design, Mark studied in the Netherlands and later embarked on an exciting journey alongside his twin brother, founding their first company, De Fabricant. Together, they focused on solving problems in the most imaginative ways, using the perfect blend of wood and steel. After this journey, he went on to establish Fabriek aan de Eem, a vibrant workspace that welcomes all kinds of business owners.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mark's love story adds an extra touch of magic. In 2015, he met his Aruban wife, and their connection blossomed into something extraordinary. By the end of 2018, they took a leap of faith, embarking on a new chapter together as they moved to Aruba. Immersed in the beauty of the island, Mark found inspiration for his next big adventure, sparking exciting brainstorming sessions with Jaap and fueling his creative spirit.

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We have some items in our showroom and with our partners (eq3, ecoled, banjolux). However, most items are 100% custom-made and specifically for you.

As a custom shop, we can create various items, such as tables, bar tops, outdoor furniture, lighting, pivot/sliding doors, stairs, bathroom furniture, and cabinets. Currently, we don’t make kitchens, but we do create tops or details for the kitchen.

We only use solid wood in various types and steel. We do not use presswood or laminated panels. Therefore, our products are durable, and with proper maintenance, you can enjoy them for many years.

  • Piquia (Costa Rica)
  • American Walnut
  • European Oak
  • Carapanouba (South American)
  • Ipe (Brazil)
  • Iroko (Rainforest West Africa, Gambia, Ghana)
  • Lebanese Cedar
  • Frake Noir (West Africa)
  • Sipo Mahogany (West Africa)
  • Makka Kabbes (Suriname)
  • Mappa Burl (European)
  • Plane Tree (European)
  • Marblewood (Sout American
  • Sequoia/Redwood
  • Suar (Indonesia)
  • Suar (Indonesia)

Our wood comes from all over the world, but we buy it in the Netherlands to ensure quality. Most of the wood is cut in Germany and dried in ovens before being transported, minimizing wood movement. We can also show you the slab before ordering so you can see how the live edge will look.

We recommend making an appointment to visit our workshop showroom. During the meeting, we can discuss your project, show materials/examples, and provide a rough price estimate. If approved, we can measure and draw the project at your location. After clarifying the details, a detailed quote follows. Upon payment of the deposit (usually 60%), we schedule the project, order materials, and, after completing the products, receive the next 20% of the invoice. The final 20% is paid upon delivery and/or installation.

We are usually present from 8 to 4, but we may be away for deliveries. Since the workshop can be noisy, it’s best to message us in advance to ensure our presence. If you want a quiet time to discuss your project, it’s advisable to make an appointment.